Sunday, March 6, 2016

This is the start of my blogging, having never done so before. 

My initial thoughts are to commit to writing (or photo, video, audio, etc.) my observations, opinions, experiences and musings: for the most part, as they relate to Scouting (I.E. Boy Scouts of America).

Obviously, I expect this to evolve with time; perhaps morph into something different all together.


Darrin Luksik
BSA ID 113388773

Added disclaimer: this site is a personal blog.  As such, the contents therein are selected by me and opinions expressed are mine alone.  There is no official affiliation between this web site and other persons, groups or organizations.  While protected speech under U.S.C. Amendment 1, I shall endeavor to keep things appropriate, guided by the Scout Oath and Scout Law

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