Saturday, October 29, 2016

The last of my original Cub Scout cross-overs has his Eagle Scout COH tomorrow

Can it be twelve years already?

I was writing a "reflections" piece for an upcoming Eagle Court of Honor, and realized this will be an alpha and omega moment. The last member of my son's Cub Scout den will be presented his Eagle badge and medal tomorrow, 30-October-2016.

Pack 3, Den 5, from Timmerman School, will have ended their run in the BSA youth Program.  They have all aged out and this will be the very last ceremony.

Eight members of our WEBELOS Hawk patrol crossed over in late February 2009. The four who stayed in the program all earned the rank of Eagle Scout (3 with Troop 324 and 1 with Troop 202). A .500 batting average, that's not too bad. Of the four that left Scouts, I am only in contact with one.  He too is a fine young man and is heading toward a career with the US Navy.

Drafting another reading for another COH was easy; the memories are still vivid and fresh in my mind.  I hope all these young men remember their days and years in Scouting as long, and as fondly, as I do.

Yours in Scouting,

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